Thank you for visiting the GCRIG website. The Gulf Coast Region Intergroup is an autonomous registered fellowship.  We have a common purpose to recover from sex addiction.  We are composed of groups of recovering sex addicts who follow the Twelve steps and Twelve Traditions of Sex Addicts Anonymous®.

“We are sex addicts. Our addiction nearly destroyed our lives, but we found freedom through the recovery program of Sex Addicts Anonymous. In the fellowship of SAA, we discovered that we are not alone and that meeting regularly together to share experience, strength, and hope gives us the choice to live a new life.”
Sex Addicts Anonymous ®, page 1.

“Sex Addicts Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women recovering from addictive sexual behavior.”
Group Guide: Handbook for SAA Groups, page 6

“Sex Addicts Anonymous ® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other so that they may find freedom from addictive sexual behavior and help others recover from sexual addiction.”
Group Guide: Handbook for SAA Groups (What is Sex Addicts Anonymous), page 17