How do I know if I am a sex addict?

We cannot diagnose you. We encourage you to read “Am I a sex addict” on the S.A.A. website. You may want to review the self assessment on the S.A.A. website.

What is a Closed S.A.A. Meeting?

All meetings listed on the GCRIG website are closed meetings. Closed meetings are reserved for any person who desires to stop addictive sexual behavior or who thinks he/she may be a sex addict.

Why are S.A.A. meetings closed?

GCRIG S.A.A. meetings are closed to protect the anonymity and confidentiality of the meeting.

What does it cost to join S.A.A.?

It is free to attend S.A.A. There are no dues or fees associated with joining S.A.A.

How do I join S.A.A.?

The only requirement to join S.A.A. isĀ  to having the desire to stop acting out on addictive sexual behavior. We encourage you to check out our meeting list for a meeting near you. You may need to contact a telephone number discuss the meeting location. We suggest that you attend meetings and that you attend more than one meeting. Try different meetings. Keep coming back!

Which meetings are accepting new members?

All meetings are accepting new members.